Patch notes Stoffenmanager®

Version 8.1.2

New features
  • Processes overview: Added locations column.
  • Activity overview: Added locations column.
  • Product overview: Excel export per location now shows location names as first column.
  • CMR Report: Order reports by product name.
  • Added new WIC.
Problems solved
  • Fixed a problem where the synchronization time would not update after synchronizing.
  • Fixed a problem where products were incorrectly classified as CMR.
  • Fixed a problem on the job daily average page where the cancel buttons did not work.
  • Fixed a problem where uploading an SDS file did not work.

Version 8.1.1

Issues resolved
  • Solved an issue where signing up for the stoffenmanager newsletter resulted in an error.
  • Solved an issue where icons did not load correctly when using the WIC and VIB buttons in the reporting overview.
  • Solved an issue where the DPD Export to XML did not work.
  • Solved an issue with the display of CMR Products at CMR registration and the dashboard.
  • Solved an issue where danger indication in the overviews; products, product (reporting grid), Inhalation and the DPD overview was not showing.
  • Solved an issue regarding the Hazard indication in all the reporting overviews.
  • Solved an issue on the Product report where the header did not always display correctly when expanding the grid horizontally by adding columns.
  • Solved an issue where the update button was sometimes visible in overviews it should not be.
  • Solved an issue with the display of the ADR classes in the product overview.
  • Solved an issue where on the RIE Inhalation overview custom fields could cause an error.
  • Solved an issue on the dashboard that the percentage of CMR products could accidently go above 100%.
  • Solved an issue that solid components did not always not appear in the last step of the RIE Inhalation.
  • Various general performance issues.

Version 8.1.0

New features
  • Report module added for risk assessments and products. Data of these reports are synchronised every night. It is also possible to manually start the synchronisation.
  • It is possible to show older versions of products and Risk Assessments Inahaltion in the report module.
  • It is now possible to filter on multiple locations in several overviews.
  • Under the menu item 'Communicate - WIC' it is now possible to also display workplace instruction cards of a risk assessment inhalation.
  • Processes and workplaces can now be assigned to and unassigned from locations in bulk by a company administrator
  • It is now possible to define ten custom fields for a risk assessment inhaltion (the same way this can already be done for products). When an administrator created these custom fields, they can be editted for a risk assessment and will show in all relevant forms.
  • In the product report new columns are added that weren't avaialable before: hazard statements, physical form, hazard class skin local and systemic and hazard class eye.
  • Label module added. It is now possible to print labels (in four different sizes) from the SHARE module. The labels include a QR code which links directly to the product in the SHARE module.
Issues resolved
  • Incorrect redirect back to components when in products screen after working on REACH assessment.
  • Import: Products without suppliers were always seen as changed.

Version 8.0.5

Issues resolved
  • Product: Fix component with null cas number matching as CMR during edit only.
  • Product edit: Editing and saving a supplier selected a different supplier.
  • Component: Retrieving limit values was not possible
  • DPD: Products were not completely removed
  • Validation of CAS numbers incorrectly indicated that a CAS number already existed

Version 8.0.4

New features
  • Dashboard: Modified "percent assessed" to only take latest version of a product into account.
Issues resolved
  • Risk assessment inhalation: Overview not shown properly in French.
  • Risk assessment skin: Fix error when not all fields are filled in.
  • Settings Wic template layout in IE11.
  • German: Activation postal code/city fields aligned below each other.
  • Export: Storage flash point not exported if below zero.
  • Export: Storage Kemler not exported.
  • DPD: Delete entire product instead of last version only.
  • RIE Skin Grid: Error fixed when filtering on grid.

Version 8.0.3

Issues resolved
  • Risk assessment inhalation: Saving an risk assessment with an imported incomplete product causes an error.
  • Password reset: Sometimes an error occurred after password reset.
  • Product overview: Product which is only added to the DPD is shown as "partially archived".
  • Stoffenmanager SHARE: Problems accessing information when Stoffenmanager® WIC template was deselected from the company settings.

Version 8.0.2

New features
  • Overview risk inhalation: Added columns for "workplace cleaned" and "workplace inspected".
  • Added new WIC
Issues resolved
  • Apple iPad: Inline popups did not allow scrolling, except when using the tab-key.

Version 8.0.1

New features
  • Product overview: Non-alfabetical sorting on archive status column.
Problems solved
  • Fixed issue when scrolling in modal dialogs on mobile/tablet.
  • Product edit: Switching versions in the component edit dialog would redirect to the component overview after saving instead of closing the modal dialog.
  • Login with two factor authentication: Entering wrong code did not display message.
  • Dialogs: In IE11 a non working scroll bar was displayed.
  • CMR search: CAS numbers were incorrectly displayed.
  • Product overview: Not possible to filter on CAS-number when using "-".
  • Product overview: Did not load if you had 70 risk assessments for a single product.
  • Report skin: Column "H-phrases" also showed "P-phrases".
  • Activity: Task explanation only appeared after selecting PROC.
  • WIC: In Word export, the GHS pictograms were too big.
  • Product overview: Sorting on physical form was not alfabetical.
  • Product overview: Filtering on packing group did not work on roman numerals.
  • Overviews: Improve readability of tooltips when lot of columns are selected.

Version 8.0.0

Problems solved
  • Fixed problem filtering on CAS number
  • Fixed problem showing CMR warning when disabled
  • Fixed dashboard problem
  • Quality WIK icons improved
  • Performance improved
  • Clearer indication if dustiness is not entered

New features
  • New layout and structure
  • New navigation structure
  • Homepage which is also better integrated within Stoffenmanager
  • Stoffenmanager now works on tablet and partly on smartphone!
  • Quick navigation added
  • Possibility to share news articles
  • Import documentation for software developers updated
  • Background and documentation of Stoffenmanager updated
  • Process templates can be assigned to one or more locations
  • Workplace templates can be assigned to one or more locations

Version 7.5.3

Issues resolved
  • Component edit: Some characters in the internal notes fields would cause a crash when saving a component
  • Product edit: When upgrading a solid component to a product, it was possible to select fluid components
  • Product edit: Layout issue in Hazard and Safety information in the german language
  • Report skin: Filtering on CMR caused an error
  • Report inhalation: Filtering on CMR caused an error
  • RIE Inhalation: In some cases the risk assessment was not recalculated when clicking the Risk assessment header

Version 7.5.2

Issues resolved
  • REACH: In some cases the field labels would not show when opening an existing REACH scenario
  • Import: In some cases the invalid products popup would display an error message
  • RIE inhalation: Crashed when the company did not set a default WIK template

Version 7.5.1

Issues resolved
  • Product: Create component issue where the new component wasn't automatically selected.
  • RIE: Issue with the view/download WIK button for some users
  • Component overview: Enabling the product column would break the grid

Version 7.5.0

New features
  • Administrator functionality completely renewed including new look and feel. 
  • Possibility to add company specific respiratory protection including type, Assigned Protection Factors and justification. 
  • Company specific personal protective equipment now also available within Risk Assessment REACH. 
  • Possibility to recalculate all Stoffenmanager® content again (Products, Risk assessments etc.).
  • Possibility for one click update of all Stoffenmanager® content to the latest version (Products, Risk assessments, etc.). Only available if you use version management. 
  • Manage "My account" completely renewed.
  • Risc WIC templates added including extensive management functionality (order, default, etc.).
  • Streamlining of left side navigation menu.
  • Respiratory protection added in overview Risk Assessment.
  • SHARE MODULE: Possibility to download product data as an XML file.
  • SHARE MODULE: For each individual product and risk assessment you now can decide to publish it or not in the SHARE module.
  • Administrators now have a better overview of the number of accounts given, who did or did not activate the account etc..
  • REACH Reports extended and improved.
  • REACH Reports can be downloaded as a Word file. 
  • Possibility to enter PROCs in Inhalation Risk Assessment and view them in the overview. 
  • Possibility to enter PROCs in Dermal Risk Assessment and view them in the overview.
  • Respiratory Protective Equipment: list extended and corresponding Assigned Protection Factors (APFs) in line with latest international standards. These new APFs are visible in the risk assessment. 
  • Navigation accelerators added in overviews to eg. jump directly from a component to the corresponding product. 
  • Possibility to delete a component from a product, even when the component is used in the job daily average calculation. 
  • Large update on auto-suggestion for first aid and safety instructions. It is now possible to re-use sentences and instructions of other products instead of only the most recent ones.
  • Possibility to search on CAS-, EC- and- REACH registration number in Job Daily Average.
  • Product now can be exported to Excel by location.
  • "Gas" added as physical properties within Products. 
  • Component flagged when mentioned on a hazard indicator list (additional to CMR lists). 
  • Component overview: individual components XML export possible. Only available in the licensed XML module. 
  • Reports inhalation and job daily average: RCRs in Excel and Word now visible in the same colours as in Stoffenmanager® itself.
  • SER limit values database now availabe in all languages.
  • New TRGS 555 WIC template added.
  • Security: Two-step verification can be used to increase the security of your account (s).
  • Security: passwords will not be send by mail anymore, but for reasons of extra security can only be reset. 

Issues resolved

  • Pictogram can be deselected from company specific personal protective equipment.
  • Editing product: notification of mandatory location field repaired. 
  • When uploading a SDS the language set in Stoffenmanager® will be chosen as default.
  • Compare with previous version: respiratory protection is shown again. 
  • REACH Reports: rounding in digits after comma aligned with other reports.
  • Respiratory protective equipment again shown in risk assessment reports.

Version 7.1.4

Issues resolved
  • Dashboard: issue with loading dashboard statistics regarding larger companies that have a large amount of locations/products.
  • Product overview: issue when filtering on ADR class.
  • Product: Pop-up issue when uploading VIB using Internet Explorer 10 and previous versions.
  • Product: CMR assistant in product editor incorrectly showed 'yes/no'

Version 7.1.3

Issues resolved
  • Edit product: MSDS upload disappears behind dialog backdrop when browser is zoomed in or on HiDPI computer displays.
  • Edit product: user with read only rights cannot open VIB.
  • Assigning product to storage location: incorrect notification (partial) archiving product.
  • Components: Limit values with more than 6 decimals can not be saved.
  • Components: Issue with duplicate CASnumbers when there is no duplicate CAS Number given resolved.
  • Product WIC: Standard WIC Template uses Verdana (9p) even when there is no text present. This makes editing the word file easier.

Version 7.1.2

New features
  • Show English import manual in help text.
Issues resolved
  • SHARE-module: Components were incorrectly aligned in default WIC.
  • Product sets: Some product sets cannot be removed.
  • REACH: Entering long stage name can cause an error.

Version 7.1.1

Issues resolved
  • On some user accounts the skin report does not display.
  • On some user accounts the skin report cannot be downloaded as a Word file.
  • PGS-15: A storage location cannot be removed if some specific questions where answered.
  • Unable to delete an user from company management.
  • Modifying a PPE icon in Internet Explorer causing a white empty window to appear.

Version 7.1

New features
  • New Stoffenmanager®-SHARE module: Possibility to create publications of products and risk assessment WIC and MSDS.
  • Components: Allow entering EC-number and REACH registration number.
  • Components: Allow entering remarks about a component.
  • Components: Allow entering multiple limit values.
  • Import: Allow importing multiple limit values and EC-number/REACH registration number.
  • Risk Inhalation: Select the limit value to calculate with and to show in the overview.
  • PGS-15: Update to latest regulations and significantly improved user experience.
  • CMR: You can now select which CMR information is applicable to your company and to your own user account.
Issues resolved
  • Report Inhalation: In Word version "RCR < 1" is not visible.
  • Import: Validation error regarding locations is shown incorrectly when using DPD.
  • Activity / Workplace: Save as new version buttons are shown enabled if not available for a Stoffenmanager® account.
  • Inhalation: Excel export when only 'task concentration' has layout problems.
  • Product edit: Support entering vapour pressure as small as 0,0000005 Pa.
  • Inhalation: Filtering on risk assessments with stone or wood was not possible.

Version 7.0.4

New features
  • Release of French and Spanish languages.
Issues resolved
  • Improvement of alignment of components in default WIK (Word version).
  • Unable to dearchive product due to validation triggering.
  • For some products, not able to save when any WIC texts have been filled in.

Version 7.0.3

Issues resolved
  • When creating a new version of a product/risk assessment the expiration date did not reset.

Version 7.0.2

New features
  • The delete button in the digital product depot (DPD) no longer causes the product to be removed from the DPD but deletes the entire product from Stoffenmanager®.
  • Information regarding the use of cookies in Stoffenmanager® is now available in more languages.
  • Risk assessment inhalation control: When the "automate the task" measure has been applied, show in the overview "To be determined" without concentration.
Issues resolved
  • When a too long name was chosen for a risk assessment inhalation, a crash could occur.
  • Excel export of component overview does not properly export "solid/liquid" column.
  • Incorrect RCR statistics on dashboard after updated component limit value.
  • Not being able to save an DPD-only product due to save buttons being unavailable.
  • CMR-shield in component overview is clickable, but it should not be clickable.
  • Date on news item is in wrong language in languages other than Dutch.
  • Component edit: Check on duplicate CAS-numbers does not check for archived components.
  • Overview risk inhalation/risk skin/job daily concentration/products: Unable to filter on 'Is up to date?'
  • Risk inhalation control: In languages other than Dutch the translated name for "wood" and "stone" is not shown consistently everywhere.
  • Dashboard: Sometimes a closed tile that is reopened is not remembered.
  • Risk assessment inhalation control: Components were not exported in Excel.
  • Risk assessment inhalation: Results is unreadable when long component names are present (Internet Explorer only).
  • Product edit: Not possible to save a product if any WIC text exceeded 1024 characters even though 12000 are actually allowed.

Version 7.0.1

New features
  • In non-Dutch languages, show the PGS-15 storage information on the danger driven WIC.
Issues resolved
  • The option for adding and modifying suppliers from product edit is restored.
  • Improved stability for uploading large MSDS files.
  • Country was not correctly shown in company settings.
  • [Premium] Profile was shown incomplete incorrectly on dashboard.

Version 7.0.0

New Features
  • Hazard Classification Eyes has been added to Inhalation and Skin.
  • All data and calculations have been updated to the newest GHS regulation and information.
  • Multiple overviews have been extented with new columns, filters and sorting. for example on CMR
  • Added the ability to let products expire.
  • The Excel export has been optimised and improved.
  • All functionalities are now visibile for all users. However only premium users can use all functionalities.
  • Various smaller features have been turned on for all users.
  • Atex and storage data can now be entered at products, regardless if you use these modules.
  • Storage and Atex input is now available in all languages.
  • Storage and Atex input has been optimised.
  • Added the ability to add the total amount of a product at the PGS input.
  • The Product register has been renewed.
  • Additional factors have been added to products and RI&E's based on H-Phrased for even beter classification.
  • The ability to add a SDS per language.
  • Restructured the input of products for a more optimal experiance.
  • The ability to add own protective measure to WIC.
Solved problems
  • Improved the display of the classification of liquids in the overview products.
  • Multiple performance enhancements.
  • Solved a problem regarding the notification of products or Risk Assessments.
  • The name of the file for a risk assessment workplace instruction is now the same of the name of the risk assessment.
  • Solved an issue when changing between R/S phrases and H/P Phrases regarding the information about those Phrases.
  • Solved multiple smaller issues regarding version management.

Version 6.5.4

Issues resolved
  • [Premium] Improved importing of component data.
  • [Premium] Solved problem of columns in the Excel export at the RiskAssessment Inhalation sometimes shifting one column.

Version 6.5.3

Issues resolved
  • [Premium] Updating a non-component based daily concentration may fail.
  • [Premium] Update of expiration timestamp in administrator mode may in rare cases fail.

Version 6.5.2

Issues resolved
  • Solved issue within ATEX's zoning.
  • Now the correct label shows within ATEX for the vapour pressure.
  • Solved saving issue regarding first aid text in relation to hazard pictograms.

Version 6.5.1

New features
  • [Premium] For administrators, there are now files available uploaded by Cosanta.
Issues resolved
  • [Premium] Improved rounding of RCR and other numbers.
  • Risk Assessment Inhalation: Incorrect numbers in exposure distribution graph were sometimes shown when solid components were present in the mixture.
  • Risk Assessment Inhalation: Sometimes not all product sets are shown.
  • SER limit values: Incorrect display (scientific notation) of very small numbers.

Version 6.5.0

New features
  • Concentration of components in powder mixture: In a Risk Assessment Inhalation determining the concentration per component in a powder mixture composed of one or more components is now possible.
  • Security: Users are temporary locked out for ten minutes after five incorrect login attempts.
  • [Premium] Security: New sub users in a premium account have no permissions by default.
Issues resolved
  • [Premium] The upload limit of the import XML file has been increased to 40MB.
  • [Premium] Fix issue regarding expiration date of risk assessment in English.
  • Longer WIC texts were not saved sometimes
  • Incomplete display of overview risk asessments.
  • Filtering on product name in overview risk assessment skin and action plan.
  • Finnish translation in risk assessment WIC.

Version 6.4.4

Issues resolved
  • When having no write permissions on a risk assessment inhalation, no results were shown in the last step.
  • Dutch only: ATEX and PGS could disappear if disabled in user profile.
  • Fixed small issues with report generation.
  • Sometimes it was not possible to filter the Action Plan grid.
  • Duplicate values in selection lists in user profile.

Version 6.4.3

New features
  • The version number and version date are now displayed in the component, product, risk assessment inhalation, risk assessment skin, risk assessment reach and job daily average grids.
  • Added the "Up to date" column to the following grids: product, risk assessment inhalation grid, risk assessment skin, risk assessment reach and job daily average.
  • Added a "Update" button to the following grids: product, risk assessment inhalation grid, risk assessment skin, risk assessment reach and job daily average. The update button allows you to update all underlying versioned properties. For example: Updating a product will update all components of that product to the latest version.
  • When a user uses the "Update" button in one of the grids, a notification will be pushed to the other Stoffenmanager users of users company.
  • The bulk assigning and unassigning feature now also allows you to add product to the DPD (Digital Product Depot).
  • The risk assessment inhalation grid Excel export now displays all calculated results in separate cells.
Issues resolved
  • When a user did not have permissions to edit a risk assessment inhalation and attempted to open a risk assessment inhalation, the user was shown an error.
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when a user creates a new risk assessment inhalation and sets the location of the risk assessment to the "Select an option" option.
  • Fixed a bug that caused certain fields not to save on the company information page.
  • When copying a product in the quantitative exposure assessment route, all of the product WIK fields will now be saved.

Version 6.4.2

New features
  • [Dutch only] SER limit value import allows more units to be imported.
  • [Premium] Added new REACH stage names.
Issues resolved
  • [Premium] When clicking the '+' button in the product editor, sometimes the danger class assistant was not shown.
  • [Dutch only] Fixed broken links on cookie information page.
  • Infotips in some popups didn't work.
  • Some Polish translations of inhalation measures were not shown.
  • Improved sorting of calendar items on home page.
  • Calendar was sometimes shown in wrong language.
  • Add Cosanta BV footnote to PDF-version of terms and conditions.
  • Small layout improvements throughout the application.
  • Improved layout and text of error reporting page.

Version 6.4.1

New features
  • [Premium] Changes to the import to allow enriching more fields in Stoffenmanager®.
  • Release of Polish language (Polski).

Version 6.4

New features
  • [Premium] Centralized management and import of products in a 'digital product depot'. Users can easily assign products from the digital product depot to their own locations without write permissions.
  • [Premium] Possibility to add and edit custom fields for a product.
  • [Premium] Renewed developer documentation 'Import in Stoffenmanager®'.
  • [Premium] Page 'Import in Stoffenmanager®' has a new look and feel and a progress indicator.
  • [Premium] Stoffenmanager® import can now handle larger files.
  • [Premium] Stoffenmanager® import options added: create new version of product/component when a product/component has been changed.
  • Added password strength indicator to 'My settings' page.
  • Risk inhalation: Added WIC based on information filled in the risk assessment.
Issues resolved
  • Generation of a multi-language WIK would fail if some texts were not filled in.
  • Component overview: Column 'Archived?' didn't have a header text.
  • Calendar of selection of MSDS-date was not translated in Swedish.

Version 6.3.3

New features
  • It is now possible to upload an SDS file with a product.
  • [] Added the Swedish language.
Issues resolved
  • [Basic] RCR is not properly displayed.
  • [Premium] Excel export does not export concentrations.
  • [Premium] PGS Storage: Navigation between different pages is interrupted.
  • [Premium] PGS Storage: Fix cancel button in storage location edit popup.
  • [Premium] PGS Storage: Fix popup not closing.
  • [Premium] Location tree does not show expand icons.
  • Homepage calendar text layout issues.
  • Risk assessment inhalation: Dilution is not mandatory.

Version 6.3.2

New features
  • Streamlined process of creating a Stoffenmanager® account.
  • It is now possible to fill in your workplace instruction card in multiple languages. Existing products have been migrated to the language it was filled in.
  • Added tile on the dashboard with the company information.
  • Stoffenmanager® import allows importing product WIC information in multiple languages.
  • Column selection and other premium-only features of the overviews are now available for basic users too.
  • Users of the free version of Stoffenmanager® can now view the RCR of risk assessments.
  • Users of the free version of Stoffenmanager® can now view the daily concentration of risk assessments.
  • Product overview export: Instead of showing 'Multiple locations', each location is now shown.
Issues resolved
  • [Premium] Copying a RIE could cause an error message.
  • [Premium] Fix generation of Word workplace instruction card for some users.
  • [Premium] PGS Storage: Added warning in case an invalid product was stored.
  • Product editor: After adding a component the component was not immediately shown in the selection list (basic users only).
  • Error message after converting a product from WMS to GHS.
  • For some users the selected columns and filters were not always remembered.
  • Risk assessment inhalation editor: Summary was not updated during editing the risk assessment.

Version 6.3.1

Issues resolved
  • Solved display problem of a product after being converted to GHS.

Version 6.3

New features
  • [Premium] RIE Inhalation: In the overview the daily concentration estimate and RCR based on the time can now be shown.
  • [Premium] RIE Inhalation: The results show the daily concentration estimate and RCR based on the time.
  • [Premium] RIE Inhalation: The report shows the daily concentration estimate and RCR based on the time.
  • [Premium] Activity: The time can be filled in on a per-minute basis instead of a selection list.
  • RIE Inhalation: The time can be filled in on a per-minute basis instead of a selection list.
  • Daily concentration: The filled in time in a risk assessment is now suggested when creating or editing a daily concentration.
Issues resolved
  • [Premium] A risk assessment that was removed but expired showed a notification.
  • [Premium] Paging of grid of bulk location changing for products didn't work correctly.
  • [Premium] An user who previously worked with ATEX couldn't be removed.
  • Incorrect sort order of hazard statements on the WIC.
  • Product edit: When a new supplier was created it was not shown on the WIC.
  • Removed the 'Stoffenmanager® werkplaats' (was available in Dutch only).

Version 6.2.1

New features
  • Default language fallback is now English instead of Dutch.
Issues resolved
  • [Premium] PGS storage: Resolved issue where product couldn't be assigned to a location.
  • [Premium] ATEX: Resolved crash in generating action plan.
  • Danger driven WIC sometimes showed labels in the wrong order.

Version 6.2.0

New features
  • [Premium] Tab sequence when editing a product improved.
  • It is now possible to upload a company logo.
  • Company logo is now shown at the page header of each report.
  • Small improvements in the reports.
  • It is now possible to generate a 'danger driven' WIC.
  • Support for limitvalues as low as 0,000001.
  • Risk assessment skin: Shows the selected measure.
Issues resolved
  • [Premium] In specific cases an error message could be shown in the PGS storage module.
  • [Premium] Column 'archive status' showed wrong in the column header.
  • [Premium] Large import files should no longer yield error message.
  • [Premium] Management: Creating a user, deleting it and then re-creating it no long yields an error message.

Version 6.1.6

New features
  • New supplier and Edit supplier open on a new screen (new supplier from Edit product still opens in a popup).
Issues resolved
  • After selecting a component on the Edit product screen, one can jump to next component fields again with Tab.

Version 6.1.5

New features
  • [Premium] Reports for the risk assessments of inhalation and skin are now free searchable on their name.
  • [Premium] Reports for the risk assessments of inhalation and skin can now be searched for productname.
  • [Premium] Reports for the risk assessments of inhalation and skin can now be searched for componentname and CAS number.
  • [Premium]Reports for the risk assessments of inhalation and skin can now be searched using multiple locaitons.
  • [Premium] Reports for the risk assessments of inhalation and skin can now be searched for CMR products.
  • [Premium] Reports for the risk assessments of inhalation and skin can now be searched for productname.

Version 6.1.4

New features
  • Premium is also available in Finnish.

Version 6.1.3

New features
  • Premium is now also available in Finnish.
Issues resolved
  • Solved crash when visiting the Finnish homepage with the English language setting.

Version 6.1.2

Issues resolved
  • Inconsistency in order delete and copy buttons in list risk assessment skin.
  • Links to risk assessments inhalation when using FireFox browser.
  • CMR-registration; assessment names listed without spacing.
  • Locations were editable in risk assessments; now only using ‘Assigning, detaching locations’.
  • Problem with instruction card for RAS (cleaning) for specific products.
  • Problem retrieving country name in company information.
  • New references in background articles.

Version 6.1.1

Issues resolved
  • Report inhalation shows for some users the incorrect number of risk assessments.
  • Filter on risk assessments in report inhalation and report skin was empty for some users.
  • Crash in daily concentration for some users resolved.
  • Problem in product editing with English notation of decimals resolved.
  • [Premium] ATEX and PGS tabs hidden for non-Dutch languages.
  • Text added for inhalation risk measure 'Replace product'.
  • It is no longer possible to select the measure 'Replace product' for a risk assessment with cutting labour (wood and stone).
  • Some older icons replaced with newer ones.
  • Location filter on dashboard is now correctly sorting on name.
  • Check for removal of product corrected.
  • Live-notification of event log reactivated.
  • Possibility of entering rare character like > and < as a name on some forms.
  • When a decimal vapour pressure was used the panel was shown as 'not ready'

Version 6.1

New features
  • [Premium] Component edit: Added functionality to copy information from the GESTIS database.
  • Component edit: added navigation to GESTIS database.
  • Issues resolved
    • Small stability improvements.

Version 6.0.2

New features
  • [Premium] Product overview: Added columns for hazard category inhalation and skin.
  • [Premium] Import: Possible to import ATEX and PGS information (Dutch only).
  • [Premium] Import: Changes to facilitate data improvement in Stoffenmanager.
Issues resolved
  • Report skin was sometimes not translated into English, Finnish or German.
  • Daily concentration: Resolved issue causing duplicates in component selector when creating a daily concentration for vapours.
  • German language: Fixed various layout problems.

Version 6.0.1

Issues resolved
  • Of some solid substance risk assessments no measures could be taken.
  • Sorting and filtering on certain columns on some overviews.
  • Not able to delete some locations

Version 6.0.0

New features:
  • Redeveloped all the important overview lists.
  • Totally renewed filter functionality.
  • CMR report now contains a filter.
  • Edit dialogs open now in the same page.
  • The roadmap has been replaced by the Dashboard.
  • [Premium] Extended management information via the Dashboard.
  • [Premium] Columns can be hidden and shown on the overviews.
  • [Premium] Overview lists can be exported to Microsoft Excel.
  • [Premium] Version management has been added for products, components, risk assessments and daily concentration.
  • [Premium] Implemented the functionality to review differences between versions.
  • [Premium] Implemented archiving per location for products.
  • [Premium] Implemented archiving risk assessments.
  • [Premium] Added bulk archiving functionality for locations, which will archive all data below it.
  • [Premium] Added functionality to expire individual risk assessments.
  • [Premium] Added functionality to add central automated management of expiration dates based on parameters.
  • [Premium] Added extended real-time notification system.
  • [Premium] Added event/audit log of actions done in the system.
  • [Premium] Added option to bulk change locations of risk assessments and products.
Issues resolved
  • Large technical optimization of the back-end.
  • Large amount of stability improvements implemented.

Version 5.6.11

Issues resolved
  • [Premium] Resolved issue that sometimes caused a risk assessment skin to overwrite the original when copying.
  • It is now possible to use the 'greater than' and 'less than' signs in product names, component names, and WIC text.

Version 5.6.10

Issues resolved
  • Various technical and stability improvements.

Version 5.6.9

Issues resolved
  • Various technical and stability improvements.

Version 5.6.8

New features:
  • [Premium] Updated ATEX module to comply with the latest laws and regulations.
  • [Premium] Updated PGS module to comply with the latest laws and regulations.
  • [Premium] Data in the ATEX module is now shared between users of the same company.
  • [Premium] Data in the PGS module is now shared between users of the same company.
  • [Premium] Premium users are able to create an unlimited amount of products, risks assessments and daily average concentrations. Basic users have been restricted in this matter.
  • [GESTIS version] Improved the homepage layout.
  • [RAS versie] Improved the homepage layout.
  • Improved the steps to procedure to switch between different Stoffenmanager® versions (Generic, Gestis, RAS, FIOH).
  • Developed a Finnish version of Stoffenmanager® for FIOH.
Issues resolved
  • [Premium] Increased the maximum vapour pressure to 10 million Pa in the Stoffenmanager® import.
  • Fixed registration issues for some users.
  • [Premium] Improved the appearance of the EVD cards in the ATEX Module.
  • [Premium] Solved issue that made it impossible to upgrade some of the users to company administrator.
  • [Premium] Fixed pagination system in ATEX so it's identical to the rest of the pagination systems in Stoffenmanager®.
  • Solved issue on the risk inhalation overview page where long component names caused layout issues.
  • Solved issue that caused problems saving reports with strange characters in the name of a inhalation risk assessment.
  • Solved issue where long component names caused layout issues on the daily average comcentration page.
  • Solved issue with the activation of a Premium demo account.
  • Solved issue that caused some products to be undeletable even though they were not used anymore.
  • Applied some layout tweaks to the product edit page.
  • The list of countries on the company profile page is now also available in other languages than English.

Version 5.6.7

Issues resolved
  • Fixed bug in far-field.
  • The permission system was sometimes to rigid.

Version 5.6.6

New features
  • [Premium] Searchable selection list for components in daily concentration
  • [Premium] It is now possible to disable the CMR notification that shows up when editing a product.
  • Language list in 'My settings' and 'Company information' has now been translated.
Opgeloste problemen
  • [Premium] System-wide notifications are now only shown to premium account administrators.
  • [Premium] In the permissions editor new locations were incorrectly shown as accessible by the user.
  • Resolved issue causing line breaks in the product editor not to be saved.
  • Introduction text 'welcome to Stoffenmanager®' after registering improved.
  • Resolved issue in Risk Inhalation causing long component names to make the concentration unreadable.

Version 5.6.5

New features
  • Account removal is now available in Finnish.
  • Component edit: In all modules/routes all fields are now available.
Issues resolved
  • [Premium] Performance adding components to a product was improved.
  • [Premium] Stability improvements in REACH.
  • Special characters such as > and < are now allowed in WIC-texts.
  • Measures: Replacing a product with a product without H/R-phrases could fail.
  • WIC: Special (non-visible) characters in WIC-texts could cause a corrupt Word document when exporting.
  • Risk Inhalation: Sometimes an unique combination of a PPE and a product could cause a crash.
  • Several security fixes for ATEX

Version 5.6.4

Issues resolved
  • [Premium] PGS: Various layout- and consistency improvements.
  • [Premium] ATEX: Various layout- and consistency improvements.
  • [Premium] Edit product: Stability improvements.
  • [Premium] Permissions: Someone who had limited permissions and was upgraded to premium admin kept the limited permissions.
  • WIC: room ventilation was not shown on the WIC-card.

Version 5.6.3

Issues resolved
  • [Premium] PGS: Products without ADR class caused crashes.
  • [Premium] Import:signal term couldn't be imported.
  • Product editing: CLP converter didn't work sometimes.
  • Product editing: sort suppliers by name.
  • Product WIC: icons sometimes not visible in Word export.
  • Product CMR registration: New registrations CMR couldn't be created.
  • Supplier editing: Email validation only allowed lowercase email addresses.

Version 5.6.2

Issues resolved
  • [Premium] User permissions could not be edited.
  • [Premium] Some REACH risk assessments could not be opened.
  • [Premium] In some cases, copied products overwrote the original product.
  • 'General information' when editing a product always remained on 'not ready'.
  • Product editing: date picker didn't work well.
  • Product editing: Selected WMS icons were not displayed after saving.
  • Product editing: When editing long WIC-texts typing was interrupted.

Version 5.6.1

Issues resolved
  • [Premium] Error messages in the import improved
  • Errors resolved in entering risk assessment skin.

Version 5.6

New features
  • New design of the Stoffenmanager® homepage.
  • Various significant performance and stability improvements made throughout Stoffenmanager®.
  • Calendar functionality added.
  • Stoffenmanager® portal closed and removed. Functionality moved to the new Stoffenmanager® homepage.
  • Community FAQ functionality added.
  • Premium features clarified.
  • Ownership of Stoffenmanager® clarified.
  • Language selector enhanced.
  • After log in redirection into Stoffenmanager®.
  • [Premium] Improvements in the removal of users from company account.
Issues resolved
  • [Premium] Resolved secutity issue in REACH module.
  • Report CMR products and registration was user specific and not company wide.
  • When filling in an invalid email address for the newsletter no message was shown.
  • Product creation: Paragraph 15 changed to paragraph 2 when entering R/H-phrases
  • At risk assessment skin, assessment creation, step 3, decimals are now correctly shown with comma's.

Version 5.5.3

New features
  • [Premium] Added support for 'liquid and solid' components in the import.
  • Added hazard statements:
    • H229
    • H230
    • H231
    • H300+H310
    • H300+H310+H330
    • H300+H330
    • H301+H311
    • H302+H312+H332
    • H303+H313
    • H303+H313+H333
    • H303+H333
    • H310+H330
    • H311+H331
    • H312+H332
    • H313+H333
    • H315+H320
    • H360Fd
  • Added or updated precautionary phrases:
    • P210
    • P211
    • P223
    • P244
    • P251
    • P261
    • P284
    • P301+P310
    • P301+P312
    • P302+P335+P334
    • P302+P352
    • P303+P361+P353
    • P304+P312
    • P304+P340
    • P308+P311
    • P310
    • P311
    • P312
    • P336+P315
    • P340
    • P342+P311
    • P352
    • P361
    • P361+P364
    • P362
    • P362+P364
    • P364
    • P370+P372+P380+P373
    • P370+P378
    • P370+P380+P375[+P378]
    • P378
    • P502
  • Sort order of all hazard phrases is now by name and number.
  • Free users: Show the CAS number in the component drop down while adding/editing a product.
Issues resolved
  • [Premium] Resolved issue that caused components in a product set not to be marked as deletable.
  • [Premium] Resolved issue that caused stability issues after removal of a product set.
  • [Premium] Resolved issue that caused WIC texts not to be temporary saved in the Chrome browser.
  • [Premium] Resolved issue that caused WIC texts not to be imported correctly.
  • [Premium] Information related to vapour pressure of components in REACH improved.
  • [Premium] Stricter validation of the import files: don't allow duplicate import ID's anymore.
  • Resolved issue that sometimes caused the dilution not to be shown in the report daily concentration.
  • When a component was set to 'solid' or 'liquid' it could not be set to 'both' anymore.
  • Removed duplication of hazard statement 'H361fd' and 'H361f'.

Version 5.5.2

Issues resolved
  • Sign in issues resolved in sector- or country specific Stoffenmanager® versions.
  • Issue resolved causing language not to be changed in sector- or country specific Stoffenmanager® after using the generic Stoffenmanager®.

Version 5.5.1

New features
  • Free users can now select the root location 'My company'.
Issues resolved
  • [Premium] Resolved issue that caused warnings while importing were not shown.
  • [Premium] Resolved issue that caused not all locations to be shown in Risk Assessment Skin when an user was specifically denied access to a location.
  • Resolved issue that caused only the upper half of the Dangerous Substance Register to be printed.
  • Resolved issue that caused users not being able to switch languages on Stoffenmanager®.

Version 5.5

New features
  • Various improvements to reports generated by Stoffenmanager®.
  • Below every report it is now possible to fill in additional reports.
  • The German language has been added to Stoffenmanager®.
  • The control measure 'replace product' now also works with GHS.
Issues resolved
  • Some problems regarding the control measure 'replace product' were resolved.
  • When reporting on risk assessments regarding stone or wood the respirable dust was not shown.

No previous patch notes available.