Free Stoffenmanager® crash-course cases Italy

The Italian version of Stoffenmanager® will be launched at the Italian Health and Safety Congress in October during the ''XIX salone della Salute e Sicurezza nei luoghi di lavoro- (Ambiente Lavoro, Bologna).

As a partner in the current EU Healthy Workplaces campaign, Cosanta is offering a one-day English-language free crash course in collaboration with the Italian ISAB member, University of Insubria, and Normachem. For more information and to register for the free Crash Course in English in Bologna in mid-October. 

The crash course aims to raise awareness on the importance of chemical risk assessment and to provide a hands-on experience with Stoffenmanager. Participants will be introduced to the compliance with the EU chemicals legislation related to dangerous substances at the workplace, the basics of chemical risk assessment and the use of quantitative exposure tools. The importance of communicating hazards, risks and control measures will be explained. Furthermore, the participants will perform their own quantitative risk assessment for an exposure situation which will be demonstrated at the workshop. They will use Stoffenmanager chemical risk assessment tool.


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