Smart chemicals management with Stoffenmanager®

Free webinar

Are you an SME or a large multinational? Stoffenmanager® offers licences and modules to meet all your company needs.

This complimentary webinar has been arranged as an interactive, virtual tour through Stoffenmanager®. It is an opportunity for you to experience first-hand how it could be used to support your risk assessments related to the use of hazardous substances, and to highlight the advantages Stoffenmanager® has over other tools currently available.

In this engaging webinar delivered by professional Occupational Hygienists, we will explore the main functionalities of Stoffenmanager®.

Learn how to perform risk prioritisations or quantitative exposure estimations for a wide range of chemicals. Create inventories, explore control measures, generate action plans and work instruction cards for tasks. Use the version management to manage changes in your risk assessments or to archive them. Communicate to higher management via the dashboard with key figures and risks graphically explained. Communicate the risks and controls to your workforce via Work Instruction Cards (WIC) and disseminate your WICs and SDSs via Stoffenmanager®SHARE.


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