Online Public Training Stoffenmanager® Part 2

Risk prioritization and assessment

Online Public Training Stoffenmanager® Part 2


Risk prioritization and assessment


The first international public training “Stoffenmanager®” in offered online. The training will be completed online in as little as 6 hours divided in two sessions with a homework between. The first session will be held on Monday from 9:30 AM CET to around noon (12 PM CET).  The second session will be held on Tuesday from 9:30 AM CET to around noon (12 PM CET).  You can register for both parts now.


For the Stoffenmanager® training - part 2, we assume that you have already experience and knowledge on product import (or that you have followed a training on this). You know what limit values and vapor pressure are and what STOP principal is. You can read safety data sheets. At the end of the day, you will have the necessary knowledge to perform a risk assessment and to interpret the result.


Part 2: Prioritizing and Assessing


Tuesday from 9:30 AM CET


This part will cover the following items:

  • The qualitative and quantitative risk assessment routes for inhalation
  • The algorithms behind Stoffenmanager®
  • Limit values and where you can find them
  • Conducting risk assessments
  • How to interpreter risk assessments in Stoffenmanager®

The online training is a “live” hands-on working session where you will practice directly behind your computer. The training will be given in English. Instructions and practical assignments will be given by the trainer that can be carried out immediately or as a homework. Participants can ask questions directly to the trainer via the microphone or via chat. So, there is a direct “live” interaction between the participants and the trainer. The trainer will be visible during the training. 


This training will be organized on 1 June 2020 and will take from 9.30 until 12.15.


Per part € 325,= p.p. (excl. VAT)

If you would like to follow both part 1 and 2, than you pay in total, € 575,= p.p. (excl. VAT).