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Implementing Stoffenmanager® is a key part of Cosanta’s services. Using Stoffenmanager® is not always easy. Occasionally, users may not always be able to properly follow the different steps in the risk assessment, draw the right conclusions, or there is just not enough time. We use Stoffenmanager® STEPS to support companies manage the process correctly. Jointly with the company, we determine where you stand, what your ambition is, and what logical next steps you should take to achieve this. Our total services package allows us to effectively guide companies when they are implementing their substances policy.

You may be commencing the implementation of Stoffenmanager® or have already taken multiple smaller or larger steps. However, implementing a substances policy is ‘never complete’. For example, you previously entered all of your substances in the register of substances, but new substances need to be added, or you will replace substances because you have found alternatives to your CMR substances. In addition to new products, changes can occur with work situations, legislation or the classification of substances. Such events generate questions, such as what knowledge do I need, how does Stoffenmanager® work, how do I implement changes in my company, how do I inform colleagues, etc. The goal is to handle hazardous substances in your organisation in a safe and sustainable manner.

We can provide you with one of our experienced advisers to support you through all of the steps in the process. We can make agreements for a short-term project, for a full-time engagement per month over a longer period, or you can choose from our standard activities. Cosanta advisers are registered as toxicologists and/or occupational hygienists and have years of experience working with Stoffenmanager®.

Stoffenmanager® is available in different languages and we work with local partners in many European countries.


Training options

We provide training and consultancy both at our location, at the client’s premises or online. We can also provide a tailor made training according to the client’s specific needs. All training can be also provided online via GoToMeeting or Webinar. The language of our training English. Upon request it can be provided in the local language by our local partners.

Contact us

If you are interested and want to explore our training and consultancy options, you are welcome to contact us at or call us at +31 20 792 0013.