Stoffenmanager® wiki released during “E-tools workshop EU-OSHA’

Stoffenmanager® is here to stay in enabling safe and healthy working in companies. The web-based tool is used in the Netherlands and far beyond to manage the risks in working with hazardous substances. But there’s a lot more going on in the world of web-based tools. Good reason for the EU-OSHA agency in Bilbao to start a project aimed at getting more of a handle on these developments. The EU-OSHA is organizing workshops within the project to get and share knowledge quickly.  

On 21 and 22 September another workshop was scheduled where the focus lay on the challenges for web-based tools in respect of development, maintenance, implementation and a long-term vision. So it is not a surprise that we, with our 13 or so years of experience with Stoffenmanager®, were asked how we tackle these topics. Albert Hollander, who has been involved in Stoffenmanager® from the beginning, was able to outline the developments, the measures taken and what has been achieved in those 13 years. In order to inform more people about the story behind Stoffenmanager®, we have written an OSHwiki. If you are interested in the Stoffenmanager® wiki, click here.

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