Working safely with dangerous substances

Upload PDF for a complete register of products

You have registered all your products in Stoffenmanager® but where do you leave the PDF of the safety information sheet (SIS). From now you can upload the PDF in Stoffenmanager®. Open the respective product and select ‘SIS file’ to ‘select file’. Once you have saved the product, it is linked to the PDF.

If you want to inspect the PDF, then just open the product and then download the file. You can also download the SIS in the product list screen via the icon in the ‘SIS’ column. If this column is not visible, you can make it visible via the icon in the chart. If you work in Stoffenmanager® Premium, then you can upload an SIS in any version of the product, and so create a full dossier.

We regularly receive suggestions for improvements to Stoffenmanager® and we incorporate them in our  annual development plan. We prioritise the ideas together with our users. Of course, it may be that your suggestion is not at the top of the priority list or that you are keen for an item to be given greater urgency. This is always possible, of course. This is indeed how this addition to Stoffenmanager® came about. Engie  Nederland NV was keen to co-finance this development.

If you are interested in contributing to the development of Stoffenmanager®, contact us via

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