Version management in Stoffenmanager®, how to do this

Do you recognise the question ‘‘What were the exposure and risks of substance "X" 10 years ago ....’

Every user of hazardous substances is required by law (REACH) to have information available at all times on the exposure of substances and possible health risks. Even after you stop using a substance or mixture, you should still be able to provide others with this information. How do you make sure that this is actually the case? How do you save old data after things have been changed? 
In 2015 Stoffenmanager® introduced version management to help you answers these questions. Besides, we have recently further improved this. Together with our users. Read below what has changed and what does this mean for you?

What is version management in Stoffenmanager®?

Version management is available in Stoffenmanager® Premium. This enables changes in time to be kept for existing data without having to make a copy. You do this by selecting ‘save as new version’, whereby the current version is saved and is ascribed a sequence number. The old data are not overwritten, therefore, but remain stored and retrievable. In ‘product’ you can also upload per version the pdf of the safety information sheet (SIS), which is useful since the old SIS’s also stay stored. Version management is active for the following elements; components, products, workplaces, processes, risk assessment for inhalation, skin & REACH and the function calculation of daily mean concentration. Of course, you can simply select ‘save’. This will save the amended data and overwrite the previous data that will not then be saved.

How do you apply version management in Stoffenmanager®?

You decide yourself whether you use the version management option and how you implement this within your organisation. How does version management work in Stoffenmanager®? The columns ‘Version number’, ‘Version date’ and ‘Up to date’ can be selected from the summary charts via the column selection. This enables the number of versions of an item to be seen, the most recent date and whether the version is up to date or not. It is possible to retrieve all previous versions as well as compare the current version with the previous version (the preceding version) via the Vergelijk versies icon. The differences between the current and previous version are shown in colour.

In ‘up to date’ in the summary charts a mouse-over text appears whenever the mouse is moved over the icon. This explains why the version of an item is no longer up to date. Via the ‘Update’ link the item can be directly modified to the most current version.

To find out more about version management …

Consult the manual that can be downloaded in the Stoffenmanager ‘dashboard’ or mail via the helpdesk or

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