Components: it is now possible to enter multiple limit values

The ‘components’ element of Stoffenmanager® was in need of an update. The layout has now been changed and new fields have been added, such as the EC number and the REACH registration number. In a separate field, you can now state where the data come from, which may be the GESTIS database, for example. In addition, a notes field has been added so that you can add additional information to the component. Many of these fields appear in your list and you can export them to Excel.
The most significant modification is that you can now add multiple limit values to a single component. There’s nothing to stop you. You simply choose or enter a limit value, indicate whether it is an 8-hour, 15-minute or ceiling limit value, then state the source and choose a country to which the limit value relates or where it comes from.
Perhaps you are wondering what will happen to the limit values you have already entered. Your present limit value will appear at the top of the list. Accompanied by a green flag  . This indicates that this has become the default limit value used in the risk assessment. The text in the present field ‘type limit value’ moves to the new field ‘source’. Where possible, the text of your own choosing that you filled in at ‘type limit value’ will be converted to a standard type limit value in the field ‘type’.
Next, at the risk assessment, you will choose the limit value you wish to use as part of the risk assessment. As its default, Stoffenmanager® shows the first limit value, the one with the green flag . What's new is that now you can choose various limit values in order to compare the task concentration with the daily average concentration.

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