Multiple CMR lists and other lists

As soon as a component with a specific CAS number is included in the CMR list, the component is assigned, with the help of the ‘shield’ , the designation CMR. CMR lists from multiple countries have now been added to Stoffenmanager® 7.1. This is useful when you have locations in multiple countries or want to work with a specific list. As well as CMR lists, other lists are now also being added, such as the REACH Substances of Very High Concern list (SVHC list). 

Cosanta will periodically upload these lists into Stoffenmanager®. As an admin (Stoffenmanager® Premium) you can select wich lists can be used by the users in your company. Subsequently, each user (in the ‘my settings’ menu) selects from the enabled lists wich one(s) are to be used in their specific user account.

Components in your account will be compared with substances on these lists using the CAS-number as a reference. If your CMR-component is on one of these lists it will be indicated with the shield icon . If it is on one of the other lists you can activate the column ‘Lists of hazardous substances’ in the component overview.

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