BOHS-OH2017 International conference about worker health protection

This year the BOHS conference takes place from the 24 to 27 April 2017 in Harrogate, UK. Occupational Hygiene 2017 is the leading international conference in the field of worker health protection in the UK, focusing on occupational hygiene and the prevention of occupational ill-health and disease.

A global audience consisting of over more than 350 delegates from all over the world will participate. The conference will bring together researchers, practitioners, regulators and other experts from around the world to discuss the very latest in issues that affect health at work. BOHS delivers an exciting program wich combines inspiring and thought-leading plenary sessions with scientific and technical sessions as well as a range of interactive workshops and case studies. Henri Heussen provides a presentation and case study on a company in the paint industry, titled 'Hazard Banding. Smart Chemicals management. Turning Technical Occupational Language into a Business Language that really matters - A paint manufacturing case study '. The program can be found here.

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