Changes on your productlevel

  • In both modules ‘control banding’ and ‘quantitative exposure assessment’ information can be entered in the product tab ‘workplace instruction card’. Before this was only possible in the control banding module.

  • Adding data from the SDS takes a lot of work. The input sequence was not handy within Stoffenmanager® so Stoffenmanager® now follows the paragraphs of the SDS, which makes a real difference in terms of browsing and searching, and is more efficient.

  • The screen overviews can be exported to Excel. So all the columns selected can be exported. We have added more columns for you to select in the risk assessment overview.

  • More and more foreign users are using Stoffenmanager® and companies with subsidiaries in different countries are increasingly making joint use of one business account. In addition, Stoffenmanager® is becoming available in an increasing number of languages. To date a pdf of the Safety data sheet (SDS) could only be uploaded in a single upload, which is not very handy if you have a SDS in several languages. From May it will be possible to upload a SDS in each language that is present in Stoffenmanager®. After being saved and re-opened, this file can be downloaded in this screen and the SDS in the product list screen can be downloaded in the ‘SDS’ column. A SDS can be uploaded via the icon per version of the product. The language you select therefore also determines the language of the SDS.

  • In Stoffenmanager® 7 we will continue to increasingly use ‘redirects’. If you are in the product overview but want to fill in or adjust the CMR registration, then you can do so by clicking on the CMR shield. But now there are also direct links from the product overview to specific risk assessments and vice versa.

  • Two new tabs are available at the product level where information can be entered on explosion safety (ATEX) and storage/transport of dangerous products. Until now these tabs were only available in Dutch but these have now been translated. Information that can be entered here includes among others the ADR-class, UN-number and packaging group.

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