Prioritising risk: adjusting the hazard categories

Stoffenmanager® was initially developed as an aid to prioritise health risks associated with handling hazardous substances on the work floor and to find effective ways of mitigating these risks. To determine that prioritisation, Stoffenmanager® combines a product’s hazard information with an estimate of the exposure through inhalation or contact with the skin to arrive at a risk score.


Stoffenmanager® classifies the hazards of a product on the basis of the R-phrases or H-statements as in the COSHH Essentials chart (technical documentation on the COSHH Website). In 2015 our International Scientific Advisory Board published a study [1] on hazard category actualisation in accordance with the UN-GHS, EU-CLP and REACH legislation on chemical substances. This has now been implemented in Stoffenmanager® version 7.  In Stoffenmanager® the H-statements that lie at the basis of the hazard category are directly visible.

Along with the hazard class a special warning for non-human-health risk is presented based on the H-statements for physical-chemical or environmental risks. The keys (legend) have also been made clearer and a new  ‘hazard category eye’ is now incorporated in the different summary charts.

New risk assessments will  automatically be calculated with the new hazard classification method as of version 7. The existing risk assessments are still based on the old classification method. For these assessments you can choose to overwrite the data or save as a new version by opening the risk assessment and saving it again. From that moment calculations will be made using the new classification method. This may produce slight differences in the hazard category and the risk category but the modification will have no effect on the quantitative result in mg/m3.


[1]    M. Arnone et al. Hazard banding in compliance with the new Globally Harmonised System (GHS) for use in control banding tools. Regulatory Toxicology and Pharmacology 73 (2015).

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