‘Work must not lead to cancer’

Do everything to reduce exposure to carcinogenic substances. In its last newsletter of 13 June, the VNCI (Association of the Dutch Chemical Industry) appealed for attention on working with carcinogenic substances. It is not only within chemical companies but also within other organisations where people work with these substances that awareness needs to be raised. They must ensure that their employees in the workplace are adequately protected against exposure to carcinogenic substances, replacing these substances, where possible of course, with less hazardous substances. The Dutch Labour Inspectorate, also calls for greater awareness of carcinogenic substances. In May 2017 the Inspectorate started a project that focuses on all aspects of compliance with legislation on CMR substances.

With the launch of Stoffenmanager® version 7 we have modified a lot in the ‘products’ category. So it is now possible to search for CMR products more quickly and specifically. Substances are indicated as CMR on the basis of the CAS number or by the assigned H-statements. The product overview now enables a fast search by CAS number, H-statement or specific C, M or R indicator. What is good to know is that not only the proven carcinogenic or mutagenic products are given a CMR label in Stoffenmanager® but also the suspected substances (H351 and H341). For all CMR labelled products the mandatory supplementary registration can also be filled in.

Insight, of course, helps create greater awareness. Moreover, version 7 gives users a better hold on the process side of hazardous substances within their organisation. The Management Dashboard, which shows at a glance the location or department where hazardous substances are being used, visualises where additional measures are necessary. Furthermore, using a function like ‘notifications’, whereby you can assign a product an expiration date, ensures optimum flexibility. For example, a company can opt to review and reassess specific substances and products after just a year. This puts you in the driving seat; you decide what happens and when, thereby exercising full control. Not unimportant: your carcinogenic or mutagenic substances are always actively in view. Naturally, you can also give your risk assessments a date when they should be updated. These and many other modifications help you as use of Stoffenmanager® to handle carcinogenic and other hazardous substances with greater awareness within your organisation.

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