Copy, duplicate and much more

Last month we launched Stoffenmanager® version 7.  Also for users of Stoffenmanager® Basic, our free version, many new functionalities have been added. In our May newsletter we highlighted a number of features like:

  • the new risk prioritisation: the hazard classes have been modified in line with CLP legislation
  • a new register for products and for CMR substances
  • the possibility to now also upload a SDS in Stoffenmanager® in multiple languages
  • the fact that filling in product data now runs synchronous with the SDS sections
  • the possibility to make direct links in many different places in Stoffenmanager®

But more new functionalities have become available for the users of Stoffenmanager® Basic, a number of which had only been available in Stoffenmanager® Premium until recently but which can now be used in the basic version.

  • Copy functionality. From both the product and risk assessment overview you can easily copy a product or risk assessment, which is useful when comparing products or risk assessments.
  • Workplace & process templates. This is similar to copying except that here a template can be created for the workplace or process data for the risk assessment inhalation. This is useful for assessments at the same workplaces or for comparable processes. When you opt for a pre-defined process or workplace, you no longer have to fill in the data again each time!
  • Take over the component data from the GESTIS database. You always have to keep looking for the vapour pressure, for example. If the CAS-number is regognized in the GESTIS database the vapour pressure can directly be imported from the GESTIS database.
  • Hierarchical location management: if the company has multiple locations or departments, you can divide the company into locations and manage these in ‘Location management’. It is now possible to list, search and sort by location.
  • Bulk linking and unlinking products/risk assessment to locations: useful whenever you transfer products or product lines to a different department/location. You can now transfer the products and risk assessments in one go.

More information about these and other functionalities can be found in the manual, the most recent version of which is downloadable from the Dashboard.

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