International course on the interface between OSH and REACH legislation

Henri Heussen and Erika Ustailieva had the pleasure of being invited speakers and participants at the international NIVA course on Managing Chemical Exposures at Workplaces. The event took place in Helsinki at the end of May and was attended by 50 experts from ECHA, national authorities, scientific organisations, consultancy and the industry. Henry: “Interesting insights and discussions were shared during our workshop on “ SUMIs and workplace instruction cards/control guidance sheets – closing the gap?”.

The starting point was a paint spraying scenario including preparation of the material and cleaning spray guns afterwards. Two groups had to compare a SUMI with COSHH Direct Advice Sheets, two other groups a SUMI with Stoffenmanager® Workplace Instruction Cards. The SDS and the corresponding Technical Data Sheet were also provided. The outcome was that participants found the SUMI too general, “it does not have detailed information for safe use”. COSHH Direct Advice Sheets and Workplace Instruction Cards were seen as more valuable. Stoffenmanager® Workplace Instruction Cards have the advantage that a user can calculate its own safe use and communicate this in a flexible format to its workers.

How does Henri look back at the training: "

Henri: "The background and diversity of participants led to a lively discussion. The training showed us many different aspects, one was really focused on the work and participants were busy puzzling to assess whether the exposure scenarios were safe or not. Finally we received good feedback that we shared with ECHA"

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