Smart chemicals management using Stoffenmanager® Premium

Turning technical occupational expert language into a business language that really matters!

We were happy to have a group of enthusiastic participants at our first crash course ‘’Smart chemical management with Stoffenmanager® Premium”.

Our colleagues Erika Ustailieva and Henri Heussen gave the training as part of the international NIVA course on Managing Chemical Exposures at Workplaces, attended by 50 experts from ECHA, national authorities, scientific organisations, consultancy and the industry. 

The crash course was well received by the diverse group of attendees. It aimed to give the participants the opportunity to experience the functionalities of the smart chemical management platform  Stoffenmanager® Premium for organising and managing chemicals in the workplace. The course attendees experienced for themselves  how to enter product data, perform a chemical risk assessment and apply some of the Stoffenmanager® Premium management functionalities. The course cannot replace the full-day training but it can give the new users a good feeling what Stoffenmanager® can do to turn the technical occupational expert language into a business language understandable to managers, experts and the work floor.

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