An innovative approach to chemicals risk management

EU manufacturers, formulators, upstream and downstream users must comply with a range of chemical risk management legislation. Sustainability commitments and good reputation are also becoming important as customers and supply chains are getting more critical about the safety of chemicals.

Software is available to assist industry with managing chemical risks. Stoffenmanager® helps organisations to comply with the regulatory and broader ethical and sustainability requirements. Stoffenmanager® ( is an online system to identify the chemical hazards, control the exposure at workplaces and communicate in an understandable, transparent manner to managers, employees and external stakeholders.

What are the advantages of the software against other instruments?

  • Validated model based on more than 6000 measurements (scientific papers).
  • Internationally accepted and included in the EU chemical legislation (REACH R.14 Guidance).
  • Reliability guaranteed by an independent International Scientific Advisory Board.
  • Sustainable business model providing free Basic and fee-based Premium version (OSH WIKI/EU OSHA).
  • Multilingualism – currently eight languages and two more under development.
  • Technical and expert support (implementation and training) for all clients.
  • More than 30 000 users, 50 new users per week.

The paper manufacturer Dr. Franz Feurstein Gesellschaft mbH is using Stoffenmanager® Premium for risk management of their chemicals. They have chosen this tool as  the Austrian General Accident Insurance Board (AUVA) is a member of the Stoffenmanager® Scientific Advisory Board and recommends it.  “AUVA supports Stoffenmanager® financially and in terms of content and wants to further spread the system in Austria for risk management in the handling of chemicals” says the ISAB member Norbert Neuwirth (AUVA).  A global manufacturer with 13 factories on six continents who is implementing Stoffenmanager® in all their sites says ”It is easy to use, legislation is up to date and they  develop”.

For more information contact the Stoffenmanager team or phone us at + 31 20 7920013. 


Erika Ustailieva, B.Sc., M.Sc.

International Business Developer

Cosanta, The Netherlands



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