Three new members at the 2017 Annual Meeting of the Stoffenmanager® International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB)

The 2017 Annual Meeting of International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) took place in Amsterdam, The Netherlands on September 12, 2017 and, as usual, was hosted by Cosanta. The  representatives of ten countries have discussed proposals for future updates of Stoffenmanager®, related national/international validation studies and research, and have shared experiences with the implementation of the platform in their countries. The new members from Denmark, Italy and Taiwan introduced their research and plans related to Stoffenmanager® and were welcomed to the board. Among other plans, the new members will work together with Cosanta towards common goals for translation and further implementation of Stoffenmanager® in their countries. In 2018, Stoffenmanager® will be also available in Danish, Italian and Mandarin. Follow our newsletter for further updates on these developments.

From left to right bottom row Norbert Neuwirth (AUVA, Austria),  Arto Säämänen (FIOH, Finland), Ismo Kalevi Koponen (NRCWE, Denmark), Wouter Fransman (TNO, Netherlands), Shao-Zu Huang (National Taiwan University), Mario Arnone (IFA, Germany) , Kuen-Yuh Wu (National Taiwan University), Henri Heussen (Chairman, Cosanta, The Netherlands).

On the stairs from left to right Rudolf van der Haar (AEHI, Spain), Gunnar Rosén (Dalarna University, Sweden), Andrea Spinazzè (University of Insubria, Italy) and Ing-Marie Andersson (Dalarna University, Sweden).

Not in the picture, however, ISAB members: Stefan Gabriel, Dorothea Koppisch (IFA, ISAB), Milja Koponen (FIOH, Finland), Agnieszka Jankowska ( NOFER, Poland), Hanna Landberg (Lund University, Sweden).

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