Stoffenmanager® now speaks Spanish and French!

We are happy to announce that Stoffenmanager® is now also available in Spanish and French. We have added these two additional languages to the Stoffenmanager® platform making it now available in eight languages in total (English, Dutch, German, Finnish, Swedish, Polish, French, Spanish). And more is on the way! Curious? Please click here to read more.

“With currently more than 32,000 users all over the globe, the demand for more languages is increasing. At present, approximately 40% of oud users originate from outside the Netherlands, including all European countries and even some countries outside of Europe like Australia, the USA, Brazil, China, Korea, Taiwan and South Africa. The development of a new language version requires investments in IT, security, training of the translators and testers, quality control  and a lots of testing. In cooperation with partners from different countries we strive to provide Stoffenmanager® in as many languages as possible so as to meet the demands of our users, both large multinationals and SMEs. In 2018, we are planning to launch an Italian version in cooperation with the University of Insubria (RAHH), a Danish version in cooperation with the Danish National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NRCWE) and a Mandarin version in cooperation with the National Taiwan University,’ says Erika Ustailieva, Cosanta’s International Business Developer.

Cosanta is also providing support for the implementation of the platform in every country. In Spain, Stoffenmanager® was developed in cooperation of the Spanish Association of Industrial Hygiene (AEHI). The partners are giving a training course on the use of Stoffenmanager®, free of charge, which will take place in Barcelona, Spain on 1 February 2018. The industry, authorities and academia are invited to get acquainted with the platform. The CEO of Cosanta, Albert Hollander, will officially launch the Spanish version of Stoffenmanager® during the training.

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