Stoffenmanager® Product+

As you might know we offer you the possibility to start using our licence Stoffenmanager® Basic, which is free of charge for all new users and users with a limited number of products. It lets you enter up to 35 products and perform 35 risk assessments. Stoffenmanager® Premium provides you with an unlimited entry of products and unlimited risk assessments and lots of other additional functionalities for your hazardous substances management.

But apart from the Stoffenmanager® Basic and Stoffenmanager® Premium licences, we now also offer you as a user of Stoffenmanager® the possibility to start with Stoffenmanager® Product+. Stoffenmanager® Product+ lends itself to the needs of users with over 35 products. It allows you to enter up to 100 products and perform 35 risk assessments. You start using this licence with 1 user but we offer you flexibility by enabling you to customize your licence type. If your substances policy grows, then so can the type of licence you require. If your situation changes, just switch to a different licence type. Your data transfers along with the licence so that no data will be lost. If you wish to add another user or increase the number of product entries, you can do so of course. The Stoffenmanager® Product+ licence costs € 530 (excl. VAT).

Contact us to find out more about our licences, additional modules, available functionalities and current prices. Our new leaflet will be available soon. 

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