New interface and navigation in version 8

Why a new structure?
Our users asked us why Stoffenmanager® was not available on tablets or other mobile devices. This is useful when you are at your company and want to input data directly. Our helpdesk also received questions about the ability to find certain features in the tool. Stoffenmanager's functionality has been extended in recent years. The structure – the pathways – have not followed suit.

The first step was to make Stoffenmanager® more responsive. Stoffenmanager® now adjusts itself to the size of the screen. So, you can now use Stoffenmanager® on your desktop, your tablet or other mobile device. In making Stoffenmanager® more responsive, we also had to work on the menus. To this end, we chose a logical structure, namely the Stoffenmanager® steps.

For some time now in our consultancy work, we have already been following these steps. The outcome is that we have integrated the current left-hand and top menus into one, single menu. This makes it simpler to find features and navigate through Stoffenmanager®.

Faster navigation
Scrolling on a laptop is a standard feature. It will now be possible to use the touchscreens on your tablet or other mobile devices. This makes it possible to open the fast navigation so that you quickly arrive at the right screen. This reduces the number of clicks needed to get to a screen.

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