It’s our anniversary!

2018 is an important year: Stoffenmanager® is celebrating its 15th anniversary! A suitable moment to look back and to look forward. In this news item we look back on the birth of Stoffenmanager®.

On 27 October 2003 we presented the Stoffenmanager® demo during the European Week ‘Dangerous substances: handle with care!’. I say we, because Albert Hollander, our Managing Director, and Henri Heussen, our Technical Director, have been involved with Stoffenmanager® from the very beginning.

The European Week’s kick-off event in 2003 also saw the official start of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment’s 4-year programme, ‘Reinforcing the Working Conditions Policy on Substances’ (VASt). The then Secretary of State, Mark Rutte (now our Prime Minister), explained the purpose and content of the VASt programme.

Stoffenmanager® has since grown into the VASt programme’s most important product. It is a happy coincidence that the theme of this year’s European Week is also dangerous substances. 

Stoffenmanager® had to contribute to raising awareness of entrepreneurs with regard to the risks of dangerous substances, and to support entrepreneurs in setting up a dangerous substances policy. The challenge for Stoffenmanager® was to give entrepreneurs easy access to complex matter and models. In addition, Stoffenmanager® had to be designed in such a way that it could be easily expanded with new functionalities and would allow the exposure models to be further developed.

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