Inhalation risk assessment less conservative due to change in protection factors

The list of respiratory protection equipment and associated assigned protection factors has been updated in Stoffenmanager® version 7.5 in close collaboration with our independent International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB). Moreover, we have added new categories to this list. The list is based on EN 529:2005 and replaces the list in Stoffenmanager® versions 1 and later (first published in Marquart et al (2008)). It is important that you note that these new protection factors are far less conservative.

In addition, it is possible as a Premium User to add your own specific respirator to your own list of personal protective equipment (PPE). This is convenient when you use respirators with improved assigned protection factors that are not yet included in the standard list. You can also assign your own protection factor to the PPE. You will then see the PPE categories that you’ve created and the protection factors you’ve added in the selection lists.

The risk assessment overview displays your respiratory protection in the ‘respiratory protection’ column. This allows everyone to see whether respiratory protection must be used and, if so, which type. The respirators that you’ve created are displayed in italics.

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