Modifications in Stoffenmanager® 7.5

In Stoffenmanager 7.5. we have handled some minor points for our users:

  • You can generate an Excel export of product per location (Premium).
  • In all overviews, you will be able to directly see whether a component is contained in a ‘hazards list’. You can see this by hoovering over the icon  or in the ‘hazards list’ and/or ‘hazard component’ columns and then selecting it. It works in the same manner as the CMR shield (Product+, Risk+, Premium).
  • You can select the ‘products’ column in the component overview. This means that you can see at a glance which products contain the component.
  • Want to quickly see which products are not yet assessed? Sort the ‘risk assessment’ column in the products overview.
  • In the WIC fields of the product, you can use ‘autocomplete’ to see what First Aid sentences and safety instructions are entered and can be selected.
  • You can also select ‘gas’ for your products in addition to ‘liquid’ and ‘solid product’. This allows you to complete your substances register. Please note: you cannot perform a risk assessment for a gas.
  • Users of the XML module can now export components only in the XML format.
  • If you use the SHARE module, you can also indicate whether per product and per inhalation risk assessement,  the WIC may be published.
  • You can also download the REACH Report as a MS Word file (Premium).

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