Create your own WIC Labels

You use WICs (Workplace Instruction Cards) in Stoffenmanager® to inform your colleagues about working with hazardous substances. In Stoffenmanager®, you'll find two types of WICs, namely, the product WIC and the risk WIC. You can download these as a PDF or Word file.

If you use the SHARE module of Stoffenmanager®, you can use a link to directly share the WICs and MSDSs with all involved staff and other colleagues in your organisation. Every change is immediately implemented and everyone is thus always kept up to date on the latest state of affairs.

You can also use the SHARE module to create mini-WIC labels. These labels come in four formats (XS, S, M, and L). The labels are useful, for example, when you perform analyses in a laboratory or when you use small quantities of a product from bulk storage. All WIC labels list essential information and have a QR code. If you scan the code with your mobile phone or QR scanner, you are immediately provided with the complete WIC with more information.


example of a WIC-label (format XS)

You print a label as a PDF file on any printer. You can of course find a printer in your own country that can print these labels. 

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