Save your measurement data in STEAMbase

We developed STEAMbase in 2007.

STEAMbase stands for SToffenmanager® Exposure And Modelling database. Measurement data can be saved in STEAMbase in a standardised manner. Introduced in Stoffenmanager® Version 8.2, STEAMbase is now available as part of a separate module that you can obtain for free as a paying customer. In enables you to save your measurement data in it and link it to your risk assessment inhalation.

You will find STEAMbase under ‘Modules’.

You can enable the module in your company settings. You can then save your measurement data according to national and international guidelines and thus include the contextual information. The guidelines require some fields to be put in.

You can also link your measurements to your completed risk assessments. As a user, you can then based on the measurement results set the risk assessment as ‘Controlled’.

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