You can now add job titles in Stoffenmanager®

You use Stoffenmanager® to assess exposure to a substance at the task or job daily average level and set up risk assessment inhalation. In Version 8.2, you can now also link exposure assessments to job title categories. What does this involve?

You create these job titles for your company in the ‘Inventory’ step.

In the ‘Assessment’ step, you then link the assessment (skin, inhalation, job daily average and REACH) to one or more job titles that you have set up.

You will find these job titles in the ‘Communication’ component in various reports (Word and Excel). You can create your own selections in the Excel overview and export and link these to your HR systems and personnel files.

You can then see who has worked with what substance and their associated exposure. This is a big step forward in realising the Health and Safety Policy cycle for hazardous substances.

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