New Partnerships in Denmark and Italy

The new partnerships between Cosanta and COWI in Denmark and Normachem in Italy will assure local support to the users of the online chemicals risk assessment and management platform Stoffenmanager®. The system has a validated quantitative exposure assessment model which is included in the guidance for the European REACH legislation (Chapter R.14 of the Information Requirements and Chemical Safety Assessment). Stoffenmanager® can also assist companies in meeting the assessment and instruction requirements under the Occupational Health and Safety legislation.

Stoffenmanager® was made available in Danish thanks to the National Research Centre for the Working Environment (NFA) and in Italian thanks to the Risk Assessment and Human Health Research Group of the University of Insubria. Both organisations are members of the Stoffenmanager® independent International Scientific Advisory Board (ISAB) and translated the tool in the respective language  in cooperation with Cosanta (owner and developer of Stoffenmanager®). The Danish language version of Stoffenmanager® was launched in February 2019 during an awareness raising event at NFA in Copenhagen. The launching of the Italian language version was in October 2019 during the Ambiente Lavoro in Bolognia. In the end of 2019 official partnerships were signed between Cosanta, The Netherlands and COWI A/S in Denmark and Normachem in Italy. COWI will be the sole and exclusive agent for Stoffenmanager® in Denmark and Normachem in Italy. COWI and Normachem will provide the necessary, technical support, training and chemical management consultancy services to respectively the Danish and the Italian users of the system.

Erika Ustailieva, Cosanta, International Business Developer: “The international growth and development of Stoffenmanager® are based on building strong partnerships with both governmental and private organizations in every country we have a language version for. With NFA and the University of Insubria as scientific and COWI and Normachem as commercial partners, we believe that we will provide the best support to the Danish and the Italian industry to build sustainable management of chemicals at the workplaces!”

Cosanta will work closely together with its scientific and commercial partners to continuously develop Stoffenmanager® in such a way that it meets the needs of the users in all EU countries. Albert Hollander, Cosanta, CEO: "We see an increasing awareness concerning the health risks when working with hazardous substances. Therefore, more and more organizations make the strategic choice to work with Stoffenmanager®. Stoffenmanager® is of interest to all European countries because of the recommendations made in the REACH Guidance. Moreover, the tool is internationally supported by local governments- and health-organizations such as NFA in Denmark, and the University of Insubria in Italy." 

About Stoffenmanager®

Stoffenmanager®( helps organisations to comply with the regulatory and broader ethical and sustainability requirements. Stoffenmanager® is an online system to identify the chemical hazards, control the exposure at workplaces and communicate in an understandable, transparent manner to managers, employees and external stakeholders.


The advantages of Stoffenmanager® against other chemical management systems are:

-  Validated quantitative chemical risk assessment model. More than 7000 measurements from Europe and beyond were used by independent researchers for the validation;

-  Internationally accepted and included in the guidance for the EU chemical legislation REACH (Chapter R.14 of the IR&CSA guidance);

-  Reliability guaranteed by an independent International Scientific Advisory Board;

 -  Sustainable business model providing free basic and fee-based licences;

 -  Multilingualism –10 languages, more to come;

 -  Technical and expert support in English and local languages for all clients;

 -  More than 37 000 users globally, 50 new per week.


About Cosanta

Cosanta B.V. ( provides occupational health and safety, chemical management and sustainability services, combined with training and research. Cosanta is the legal owner and developer of the online platform Stoffenmanager®.

Our mission is to raise awareness of dangerous substances at the workplace and to empower owners/operators to evaluate their own workplaces for hazards and risks and to focus resources on practical control solutions. We promote an innovative and simple approach to chemicals risk management that allows enterprises of all sizes to easily comply with their legal and moral obligations for a safe and healthy workplace.


About COWI, Denmark
COWI ( is a leading consulting group within engineering, economics and environmental science. We have more than 85 years of experience in the business, and COWI is a leader within its field because our more than 7,300 employees are leaders within theirs. Together with our customers, we create coherence in tomorrow's sustainable societies.

COWI Denmark's environmental division employs around 400 persons and includes a dedicated team working with assessment and regulation of chemicals for private and public clients.

About Normachem, Italy
Normachem ( was founded in May 2007 with the aim of offering high-level specialised support for product compliance, social regulations and environmental protection. The organization has been working alongside companies to ensure regulatory consistency for greater competitiveness in international markets for the last ten years. Normachem offers integrated services while maintaining the dynamism necessary to be constantly updated on the regulatory obligations that companies in each sector have to face.


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