Improved reporting options

To ensure that you can quickly create reports using Stoffenmanager®, both now and in the future, we have expanded the reporting options for products and for the inhalation risk assessment

The product and risk assessment inhalation overview (grid) are now split into a red edit screen and a blue reporting screen. The red edit screen largely remains the same, except that it has fewer columns that you can select and you can no longer export to an Excel spreadsheet. By sorting and selecting, you can now quickly find the right product and the right risk assessment inhalation that you (e.g.) want to edit.

How does it work?

For reports, you slide the selection button from ‘edit’ to ‘report’ to go to the blue reporting screen.

You can then select more columns for your report, select multiple locations, and see details of previous versions. The reporting screen has an option to export to an Excel spreadsheet.

You can quickly switch between the screens using the ‘edit-report’ button!

As mentioned, more and more users have a lot of data in their account. We obviously want to avoid data taking too long to display on your screen due to this large amount of data. This is why we use an update button. We update the reporting database each evening. This means that you, as a user,  will not be inconvenienced by this feature. Of course, you can always update the reporting screen during the day by clicking the ‘update’ button. You can see at a glance when the database was last updated.

This may take up to twenty seconds depending on the size of the database. The screen displays the update action, but you can still work in Stoffenmanager® while it is updating.

You can also access the reporting screens by using the ‘communicate’ menu.

The report on products can be found via ‘register’. You can find the risk assessment inhalation via ‘Inhalation overview’ together with the trusted ‘word’ overview.

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