Print labels using the SHARE module

Especially for users of the Stoffenmanager® SHARE module, it is now also possible to print (WIC) data on a label. You can print your product labels in different sizes, i.e. L (figure to the left), M, S, and XS.

(WIK label in size 'L') 


(WIK label in size 'XS')

Similar to the WIC, you first select the label layout that you want to use at your company. 



You can then indicate for each SHARE link whether the user of the link should also be given the option to download labels. For example, the labels are particularly useful for those who use small quantities of a product from bulk storage. And also in the lab, when you carry out product analyses.

All labels have a QR code. When you scan the code, you are directly taken to the comprehensive WIC for more information.

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