CMR lists: How does it work in Stoffenmanager®?

The various lists in Stoffenmanager® can be confusing in practice. We have now adapted Stoffenmanager® to make it easier to make a selection according to your wishes. How does it work? We would like to explain this step by step.

How do you use the CMR list? Go through the following steps.

Step 1

Stoffenmanager® detects when a product contains a substance that is on one of the lists. In 'my company' settings, the administrator of the account (admin) can choose lists with which the company wants to work. You can choose from both CMR lists and 'other' lists (paid licences), such as the REACH SVHC list. What is new is that it is now possible to indicate here whether the suspected CMR substances should be included on the basis of H‐phrases (CLP).

Step 2

In Stoffenmanager®, multiple people from one company can work in the same account. The administrator of the account determines which lists the company works with (see step 1). With 'my account', the individual user determines which lists are used. This is useful, for example, when the company has two locations, one in the Netherlands and one in Germany. The administrator selects both lists, while the user in the Netherlands selects the Dutch list and the user in Germany selects the German ‘KMR Liste’.

Step 3

In the product overview (register) and RIE inhalation overview it is directly visible whether the product contains a CMR substance  or a substance that is on one of the other lists . This signal is also visible on the labels.


Step 4

If you want to make a specific selection on CMR in the product overview (register) and RIE overview, you can open the columns 'CMR' and 'CMR indicator'. Then make the correct selection.

In the 'CMR indicator' column, hover your mouse over the CAS number of the component and you will immediately see which component is involved, the percentage of this component in the product, and the 'list' it is on.

If you have any further questions regarding CMR-lists, please do not hesitate to contact us under or via phone  +31 20 7920013.



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