New Release 8.3

We have streamlined the development of Stoffenmanager® into two major releases per year. Our monthly releases contain minor modifications. 

You will now come across one new, larger functionality. It is possible to make risk assessments for liquids at your chosen process temperature. You can find everything in the updated manual, which you can download from the dashboard.

Now you can adjust the temperature by yourself 

For liquids, Stoffenmanager® uses the vapour pressure of products and components to estimate exposure. Until version 8.3 the process temperature was not a variable in the exposure assessment. However, the vapour pressure of a component or product is not a static value, but varies at different temperatures. In collaboration with our International Scientific Advisory Board, we have included process temperature in the exposure assessment of liquids. How does this work?

First, a product or component requires the boiling point and the vapour pressure at a certain temperature. This can be entered with the product and component concerned. The new field 'vapour pressure temperature (° C)' is a mandatory field and is given the value 20 ° C (room temperature) by default.

Next, in step 3 'process' of the risk assessment inhalation (qualitative & quantitative) at a liquid, you can enter the process temperature. Stoffenmanager® will then calculate the new vapour pressure on the basis of the indicated data and also the exposure at this temperature. If desired, it is also possible to calculate with your own specified vapour pressure. 

Of course, the new variables will return in the various overviews (Word and Excel).

Ease of use, cleaning data

Thanks to the users who have given us feedback on the use of Stoffenmanager®. That is why it is now possible to remove multiple items at the same time with the products and RI&E inhalation. Useful when you would like to keep your database clean.

In addition, we develop additional WIC templates together with our users. You can find the templates in the settings 'My company - WIC templates'. At the moment there are already 6 templates for the Product WIC to choose from.

In addition, several new columns have been added to RIE overview, such as process temperature, dilution (%), type of action, in breathing zone, multiple employees and evaporation.

Portugese and Czech now available 

Stoffenmanager® is now also accessible in Portugese.
Portuguese is already the 11th language in which Stoffenmanager® is available and we are happy to assist many collegues in the branche. In addition, Czech has been added as a WIC language. This means that Czech is not available to work in Stoffenmanager®. It is possible to generate WIKs in Czech.
It is also present as a language in the SHARE module.


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