Stoffenmanager® is presenting at IOHA 2021

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On September 11, the International Occupational Hygiene Association kicks off its, 5-day virtual event, the International Scientific Conference. This year, Stoffenmanager® is pleased to have given the opportunity once again to contribute to this important event with a symposium and a Professional Development Course!

Together with Dr Dorothea Koppisch (IFA) and Dr Wouter Fransman (TNO), we dive into the implications of modelling in OSH and innovative approaches to integrate sensor data into exposure assessment models. On September 13 (2.30am - 3 am CET) we open the discussion through a live Q&A session.

Watch the introduction: Exposure assessment tools for occupational safety and health regulations: state of the art and directions for the future

Dr. Henri Heussen and Dr Dorothea Koppisch (IFA, Germany) also provide a Professional Development Course. Stoffenmanager® is a validated and legally accepted chemical exposure management tool that combines the latest exposure information and smart IT.

View the presentations, demos and exercises. And experience Stoffenmanager® yourself!

Watch the introduction: Stoffenmanager®: a validated and regulatory accepted chemical exposure management tool combining latest exposure intelligence and smart IT

Full program: International Scientific Conference

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