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To help you further in Stoffenmanager® 8 you can follow several training sessions. This way you will get even more out of Stoffenmanager®! We offer multiple online and on-location training on several levels with practical knowledge of working with the Stoffenmanager® tool. The E-training is a classroom based, "live" training where you can participate from your own workplace. You can directly try out Stoffenmanager® 8 and ask your questions to the trainer via microphone or chat. This way there will be "live" interaction between you, the other participants and the trainer.

Please note: important for you as Occupational Health & Safety expert! Rating Hobéon SKO-AH and/or SKO-VK. For the Stoffenmanager® training courses you follow with us you qualify for 2 certification points if you follow training 1 up to and including training 4. If you only follow 1 training you qualify for 0,5 certification point.

Training overview

Stoffenmanager® (E-)training part 1: Taking inventory.

This training is set up for beginning users of Stoffenmanager® 8. At the end of the training you will have enough information to be able to enter products into Stoffenmanager® 8.

What we will cover:

- The history of Stoffenmanager®.
- General information such as:  vapor pressure, limit values, safety data sheets (SDS) and the occupational hygiene strategy.
- The legislation on dangerous substances.
- The entering of products.
- The Stoffenmanager® SHARE module.
- The CMR register and how to see it in Stoffenmanager® 8.
- Generating a workplace instruction card.

Please note: training is based on the functionalities of the Stoffenmanager® Premium package.

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Stoffenmanager® (E-)training part 2: Prioritizing and Assessing

Are you already a step ahead in Stoffenmanager® 8 and do you have experience with entering products? In addition you know what limit values and vapour pressure are, what STOP (the occupational hygiene strategy) means and you can read Safety Data Sheets. Then you can choose training 2.

What we will cover:

- The qualitative and quantitative route; inhalation.
- The algorithm that is used within Stoffenmanager® 8.
- Limit values; where to look for them.
- Doing risk assessments.
- How to interpret risk assessments in Stoffenmanager® 8.

Please note: this training is based on the functionalities of the Stoffenmanager® Premium package.

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Stoffenmanager® (E-)training part 3: Managing risks

In this training we assume that you have experience with and knowledge of entering products and doing risk assessments in Stoffenmanager® 8. You understand the difference between the qualitative and quantitative route in Stoffenmanager® 8 (this is covered in part 2).

What we will cover:

- Doing (more complex) risk assessments.
- The daily average functions.
- Drawing up an action plan.
- Version management (with case study).
- The skin module.

Please note: the training is based on the functionalities of the Stoffenmanager® Premium package.

Colleagues working in laboratory

Part 4: Implementing (on location), get more effect out of your instructions

In ‘training part 4 Implementing’, we focus on how you can effectively inform your employees about the dangerous substances they work with.

This training course teaches you how to provide your employees with varied, effective information about dangerous substances and how to bring this to a higher level.

The training consists of a theoretical part and there is a lot of room to work practically with didactic methods. You work together with other course participants to get the most out of the learning process. After the training you will receive the Stoffenmanager® Toolkit, this is a method to make informing employees more effective, fun and educational.

What will be covered?

- Didactics for giving information.
- Didactic methods, explanations and exercises.
- How to provide information using the Toolkit.
- Presenting a working form from the Toolkit.

Please note: coffee, tea and training materials are included. If there are any dietary requirements, please let us know in advance.
If you have followed another open training course with us in the past year, you will receive a discount of € 50,= (This only applies to the same person working for the same organization).


Costs and times

- E-training (online) 1, 2, 3: € 350,- per person, per training (excl. VAT)
- Training (on location) 1, 2, 3: € 400,-per person, per training (excl. VAT)
- Training 4 (on location): €500,- (including Stoffenmanager® Toolkit worth €100,-)
- In company training: on request. Mail to:

If you want to follow multiple (online) training sessions, you will receive a discount of €50,- for the additional parts.

If you register for all 4 training courses at once, you will receive a € 150,- discount on the total amount! You can then take all 4 training courses for only €1400,-.

Each training concerns a part of a day (a morning or an afternoon).

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