About us

Developed in 2003 by order of the Dutch Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and brought to the market in 2014 by Cosanta B.V., Stoffenmanager® has been a reliable solution for working safely and healthily with hazardous substances for almost 20 years.

Meanwhile the Stoffenmanager® tool has been further developed into a true platform for which we have already issued more than 40,000 accounts. Also, our organization and services have continued to grow. With the Stoffenmanager® tool as the heart of our company and with a wide range of experts, we strive to develop more effective solutions for chemical and biological risks in work situations every day.

Based on our philosophy that managing substances does not have to be overly complex, we offer a simple and sustainable software solution and additional services. Together we work on a safe and healthy working environment!

Cosanta BV

Cosanta B.V. has been the driving force behind the success of Stoffenmanager®. Due to our strong position in the field with the brand name Stoffenmanager® we will continue under this name from now on. Cosanta BV will remain on the background.