About us

Stoffenmanager® was developed in 2003 on behalf of the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment and brought to the market in 2014 by Cosanta B.V. This tool has been a reliable solution for working safely and healthily with hazardous substances for almost 20 years.

The Stoffenmanager® tool has developed into a platform where we have created more than 40,000 accounts. Our organisation and services are also continually growing. The Stoffenmanager® tool is the beating heart of our company. And with a vast array of experts, we strive every day to develop more effective solutions for chemical and biological risks in workplace situations.

We provide a simple and sustainable software solution and supplemental services based on our philosophy that managing substances doesn't need to be overly complex. We all collaborate on a safe and healthy work environment together!

Cosanta BV

Cosanta B.V. is the driving force behind the success of Stoffenmanager®. Our strong position in the field is based on the name Stoffenmanager®, so we'll be continuing under this name from now on. Cosanta BV still exists in the background.

Our identity

Where we come from and where we're going.

  • Our roots – since 2003, we've helped organisations comply with legal and broader ethical and sustainability requirements in the field of hazardous substances.
  • Our strategic direction – we transformed from ‘Stoffenmanager®, the software’ to ‘Stoffenmanager®, the platform’ to provide knowledge, innovation and a pragmatic approach to working with hazardous substances.
  • Our mission – to provide the right tools and knowledge in the field of hazardous substances and biological agents so that small and large companies acquire the competencies to create healthy and safe workplaces in a simple manner.
  • Our objective – to create the maximum impact together in the field of safe and healthy working with hazardous substances and biological agents.
  • Our vision – to stimulate innovation and collaboration to make working with chemical and biological risks safer and healthier for the future.

Why Stoffenmanager®?

  • First, our tool – Stoffenmanager®.
    Stoffenmanager® has been used worldwide for almost 20 years to reduce exposure risks to hazardous substances in the workplace. The tool is scientifically authenticated and recognised by the Dutch Labour Inspectorate and ECHA (European agency). This way, you know that the health and safety of people in the workplace are guaranteed.
  • Our unique freemium model. Just like other companies, we feel a social responsibility to create a safe and healthy work environment for employees. This is why – even as an organisation with only a limited number of substances – you can use a free basic account to comply with Dutch laws and regulations. Including your CMR substances!
  • Our range of training courses and webinars (sometimes free of charge). Our mission is to provide companies with the resources they need – knowledge and technical tools – and to collaborate as a partner to reduce exposure risks to hazardous substances in the workplace. We want to contribute to this by making our training courses, webinars and other materials available (also regularly free of charge), so that everyone can acquire the necessary knowledge.
  • We operate worldwide. The world is shrinking and companies increasingly operating across borders. That is why Stoffenmanager® is available in 11 languages. This is a boon for organisations with multiple international locations.
  • We work closely with renowned national and international parties, such as the TNO, IFA (Germany) and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Employment. This ensures we're always aware of the latest scientific national and international developments, which we implement within our tool.