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Stoffenmanager® E-training part 3: controlling risks

When you participate in the Stoffenmanager® training part 3 Controlling risks, we assume that you have experience and knowledge of entering products and performing risk assessments in Stoffenmanager®. You understand the difference between the qualitative and the quantitative route in Stoffenmanager® (this is discussed in part 2).

What topics are we going to cover?

  • Which H-phrases belong to skin effects; you learn the ways in which workers can be exposed in terms of skin; we discuss the difference between local and systemic effects and we dive deeper in how to prioritize the risk for the skin in Stoffenmanager®.
  • You learn how to perform more complex risk assessments; how to interpret results in combination with limit values ​​(flow diagrams) and how you can apply the job daily average.
  • We discuss how control measures (in Stoffenmanager®) can be taken in combination with the occupational hygiene strategy and how an action plan can be drawn up in Stoffenmanager®

*The training is based on the Stoffenmanager® Premium package.


  • Date: November 28, 2023
  • Time: 13.00 to 16.30 (CET)
  • Location: Zoom, from behind your own computer
  • Costs: (Online) part 3 € 245,= p.p. (excl. VAT)