New release Stoffenmanager®. What has changed?

We constantly develop Stoffenmanager® to support you even better with your substance policy. That's why we release new versions on a regular basis.

This week there has been a new release. In this news announcement we list the most relevant improvements:

New feature SHARE- module

Are you using the SHARE- module? Now it is even easier to share your WICs with your colleagues! Your colleagues used to be led to a login screen first via the SHARE link. Now you have the option to make the WIC available directly, without a password. You can install this per SHARE. Also, you can give a company unique code to the WIC. This makes it even easier to find the right WIC.

New features XML- module

Set your default limit value for risk assessments now. Do you have multiple limit values in your list? You now have the possibility to set a default limit value. This saves you a lot of time, especially when managing different versions. This way you can specify a default limit value that Stoffenmanager® has to calculate with for all versions you create.

Also, from your DPD (digital product depot) in Stoffenmanager®, you can now create an XML export of multiple products at once. Where previously you could only export per product, Stoffenmanager® now enables you to do this in larger quantities at once. With an XML- export you can choose if you also want to export the SDS, the company specific fields and the locations. Via the XML- file, you can easily share this information with other accounts or other systems.

This ensures that the data you want to share also reaches the recipient correctly.

Curious about what has changed in the previous releases? The patch notes can be found here.