Stoffenmanager® rebranding is a fact!

Developed in 2003, brought to the market by Cosanta B.V. in 2014, and accepted by the Dutch Labour Inspectorate as a reliable solution for safe and healthy working with (hazardous) substances. Over the years the Stoffenmanager® tool has been further developed into a platform for which we have issued more than 40,000 accounts, both nationally and internationally. Moreover, our organization, services and field of work has continued to grow.

We are taking those developments as an opportunity to evolve our brand in order to better communicate our broad expertise and philosophy with the new visual identity. As from April we will fully focus on the further growth of Stoffenmanager® as a company. The name Cosanta will move into the background.

What does this mean for you?

Stoffenmanager® tool

No changes will be made in the Stoffenmanager®8 tool and it will continue to look and function in the same way. The tool remains available in 11 languages and our helpdesk is also still there to help you with technical questions! What is changing?:

  • The login screen will look slightly different, and you will now login via:

New website and email address

Not only do we have a new corporate identity now, but also a completely new website! You can now find even more information about the field and how we can support you. We are also continuously expanding our Academy and knowledge base and we will keep you informed of upcoming webinars via our calendar and newsletter.
Would you like to reach us by email? You can do this via our contact form, Helpdesk or

Together we move forward