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Together with you we strive for a healthy and safe work environment. Next to the different license forms for using the Stoffenmanager® tool, we offer expertise on the implementation steps. Do you need extra support when working with Stoffenmanager® 8, or additional measurements? Or do you want your product data (SDS) and components to always be up to date? We are the partner at your side to take you further in this process.

Implementation steps: a continuous process.

The Stoffenmanager® implementation steps are based on the 4 steps of the ‘Self-inspection Hazardous Substances’ of the Dutch Labour Inspectorate. In order to apply the occupational hygiene strategy even more completely and effectively, we have added several steps. You may be at the start of the implementation of your substances policy or you may have already taken several small or larger steps. However, the implementation of your substances policy is never really “done”. In the course of time, products may be added or replaced, because you have found alternatives for your CMR substances. Work situations, legislation or classification of products may also change. Our aim is to work with you to ensure that hazardous substances are handled safely and sustainably within the organization.

Implementation steps Stoffenmanager®


From inventory to securing the work processes, we can support you in all steps of this process. Together, we discuss your needs, and what we can do to meet these needs for you. Whether it concerns toxicology and biological measurements, a workplace inventory, a quick scan to find out where you stand with regards to laws and regulations or the need for a Stoffenmanager® consultation hour, where you can ask our experts all about it. Our consultants are registered toxicologists, safety experts and/or occupational hygienists and have many years of experience in the field and in working with Stoffenmanager® 8.

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Data support

The correct processing and management of data is becoming increasingly important. Entering safety data sheets (SDSs) is a time-consuming task and requires the necessary knowledge. Do you want to enter and maintain your data accurately? We enter all SDSs that you supply or request them if necessary. In addition, we create components for you and complete any missing information, such as vapor pressure or (public) limit values. Would you like your SDSs to be updated frequently so that you do not have to worry about them anymore? We maintain your product database according to the 3-year cycle. We can also maintain your components. For example, we will check every year if the limit values are still up to date. This also means that you remain ultimately responsible for your data, and you always have the possibility to in- and export your data.

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XML: a simple solution for HazMat data

You most likely regularly have to deal with the processing of safety data sheets (SDSs). Producers and suppliers always add a SDS when delivering their products. A SDS indicates which substances are used in the product and contains information on how to handle hazardous substances. This is a statutory requirement. In practice, the processing of this information is very labor intensive and various formats are created in the chain. To take an innovative step towards a more efficient information flow within our industry, Stoffenmanager® opens the taxonomy of XML standard to everyone. With the XML service you can efficiently export it from Stoffenmanager® and easily use it again in another system. Wondering how you can use Stoffenmanager® within your organization?

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