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Basic Training: Hazardous Substances

Legislation of hazardous substances is complex, but managing a substances policy does not have to be complicated. We believe that it all starts with having the right tools and knowledge.

In this training we will discuss the basics of hazardous substances, which are important during work and substance registration. After this training you will have a solid basis for recognising hazardous substances and you will know which aspects are important for working with Stoffenmanager®.

Keep an eye on our website for the upcoming Basic Training: Hazardous Substances courses.

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Stoffenmanager® (E-)training part 1: Taking inventory.

This training is set up for beginning users of Stoffenmanager® 8. At the end of the training you will have enough information to be able to enter products into Stoffenmanager® 8.

What we will cover:

- The history of Stoffenmanager®.
- General information such as:  vapor pressure, limit values, safety data sheets (SDS) and the occupational hygiene strategy.
- The legislation on dangerous substances.
- The entering of products.
- The Stoffenmanager® SHARE module.
- The CMR register and how to see it in Stoffenmanager® 8.
- Generating a workplace instruction card.

Please note: training is based on the functionalities of the Stoffenmanager® Premium package.

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Stoffenmanager® (E-)training part 2: Prioritizing and Assessing

Are you already a step ahead in Stoffenmanager® 8 and do you have experience with entering products? In addition you know what limit values and vapour pressure are, what STOP (the occupational hygiene strategy) means and you can read Safety Data Sheets. Then you can choose training 2.

What we will cover:

- The qualitative and quantitative route; inhalation.
- The algorithm that is used within Stoffenmanager® 8.
- Limit values; where to look for them.
- Doing risk assessments.
- How to interpret risk assessments in Stoffenmanager® 8.

Please note: this training is based on the functionalities of the Stoffenmanager® Premium package.

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Stoffenmanager® (E-)training part 3: Managing risks.

In this training we assume that you have experience with and knowledge of entering products and doing risk assessments in Stoffenmanager® 8. You understand the difference between the qualitative and quantitative route in Stoffenmanager® 8 (this is covered in part 2).

What we will cover:

- Doing (more complex) risk assessments.
- The daily average functions.
- Drawing up an action plan.
- Version management (with case study).
- The skin module.

Please note: the training is based on the functionalities of the Stoffenmanager® Premium package.

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Colleagues working in laboratory

Costs and times

- E-training (online) 1, 2, 3: € 385,- per person, per training (excl. VAT)
- Training (on location) 1, 2, 3: € 440,-per person, per training (excl. VAT)
- In company training: on request. Mail to:

If you want to follow multiple (online) training sessions, you will receive a discount of €55,- for the additional parts.

Each training concerns a part of a day (a morning or an afternoon).

Please note: you can cancel free of charge up to 2 weeks before the training. After that, the full fee will be charged.

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